Laying in Supplies

By Geekmom

I feel pretty!  This morning was spent getting a manicure and pedicure that were gifts at Christmas.  I got to it eventually!  I also got my hair unashened.  The computer states that is not a word, but that is exactly what I had done.  Technology live with it.


I just put in an order for mini tulip cups to replace the ones that I will be using to make wedding cookies for my favorite cabbage patch baby and her prince charming.  They are used to make the chocolate chip fudge brownie cups.  So far they are the only thing I have found to work well with them and I did a great deal of experimenting this past winter.  I spent many hours looking for them and was the only place that I could find them.  If anyone finds them elsewhere, let me know please.   I would appreciate it greatly.


I bought lots of flour, brown sugar, sugar, and butter.  These are vitally important to the process.  Tomorrow the wedding cookie baking commences with peanut butter sandwiches.  I need to make 9 dozen of each type of cookie.  This is going to fun.  Really.  I am not exactly sure how many batches of the sandwich cookies that I will need to make.  I will start to figure it out tomorrow.  I believe that the brownie bites make about 3 dozen a batch.  So I will need to make three batches of them and one batch of frosting.


The Fourth of July is coming quickly.  I am thinking of making ribs, but I am currently out of my pork rub.  I may need to get on that if I decide on ribs.  I want them just for an excuse to break out a bottle of my Jack Stack BBQ Sauce.  It is so amazingly good.  Blame K.A. Stewart for that addiction.  (Countdown – 7 days to the new book!)  I go to Jack Stack every visit I make to see her.  Last year I made trifle for dessert.  Blueberry I believe.  Might make another.


No recipe today.  Just meanderings of a warped mind.




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