Muffin Contemplations

By Geekmom

My amazing author friend, K.A. Stewart, has asked me if I have a banana nut muffin recipe with a sugar glaze.  The simple answer is that I don’t.  I really am not fond of bananas. I never have been.  The silly ninja monkey helpers do and strangely, the middle one always makes sure that three don’t get eaten.  Three bananas equal a batch of my banana bread.  And this is where the contemplation comes in – what if I made the bread into muffins?  Would it work?


To add to the dilemma, I have no bananas for such an experiment.  I do have applesauce though.  Which is about the same consistency.  So I can sort of test this theory.  If I want to.  And I have never made a sugar glaze, but I am sure it cannot be that hard.  This will be a major experiment!  Lots of messing around it appears.


K, the amazing pregnant lady, has asked for a breakfast casserole recipe.  I have a few, but the family favorite is one where you really have many options.  You can use any breakfast type meat – cooked bacon, ham, or cooked sausage (breakfast or Italian).  You can also use any bag of frozen potato.  I tend to use tater tots as the children think them amazing in it.  I have also used hash browns.  You could also put in add-ins!  You could put sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers… anything you would like.  Makes me wonder what it would taste like with a little spinach.  I love SPINACH!  AHHHHHHHH!  I normally use shredded cheddar cheese, but it would probably taste good with any cheese you want.


For instance, you could use hash browns, chorizo (not sure of the spelling), hot peppers, onions, Mexican Cheese blend, and then you could put a little hot sauce in the eggs and make a Mexican casserole.  You are only hampered by your own imagination.


Mama’s Eggbake

Cooking Spray

1 package tater tots, hash browns, or other such frozen potatoes

1 1/2 cheddar cheese, shredded

1 to 2 c diced ham – as desired

8 beaten eggs

3 c milk

1/4 t salt

1/4 t pepper

Coat a 9 x 13 pan with spray.  Layer potatoes, ham, and cheese in the dish.  Mix the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper over it.  Bake until knife in the center comes out clean.  Bake for 55 to 60 minutes.  Let stand five minutes before serving.


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