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Deep in my Heart I am German!

So this is not a blog about ethnic German food.  It is about German Chocolate Cake.  For a while, this cake has been on my wish list to make and a few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and try.  The recipe was for a cake, but I needed to make cupcakes for [...]


When is a cake not a cake…

When it is a cookie!  About a year ago, my children kept begging for chocolate chip cookie cakes from an expensive local chain grocery store.  They usually ran from $9.00 to $11.00.  For the size of those things, I was appalled at the price.  Really?  The most expensive part would be the chocolate chips as [...]


Cupcake Dreams

Last night I had a very odd dream.  I made huge (think African zombie marmot head size) chocolate chip fudge cupcakes and filled them with some white cream.  Now here is the odd part.  I made them inside the store while I was bored shopping.  Does this mean something?   Yesterday I made a buttermilk [...]