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Another Kind of Sloppy

I know it has been too long, but other things have been taking control of my world. Teaching my darling students, the play, and speech season took its toll on my time. The Saint and the helper monkeys required me as well. The zombie marmots have also wanted me. Imagine that! Since summer started, I [...]


Cheers to the Local Butcher

If you have spent any time buying meat lately, you will have noticed that the cost of everything is going up.  My father, a butcher all his life, and I have discussed this in detail.  Poor cuts of meat or good cuts… it all costs a great deal more than it did a year ago.  [...]



Still suffering from the creepy, crawly ick, but I feel that I might just live.  I missed my kitchen so much that this morning I made MUFFINS!  Not just any muffins, but my mom’s recipe that is found in her 1950 Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.  This is an amazing book for beginning bakers as [...]